About Me

I live in Clarendon, Vermont, with my wife of 40 years.  We have two awesome daughters.  We have a great house in a beautiful spot and two dogs.

By some crazy miracle, I’ve been able to make a living with my photography since about 1981, when my first daughter was born.  Of course, there have been years when “making a living” is a matter of definition.

I do have two college degrees, but I got them so long ago, I’m pretty sure they’ve expired.  I can’t say I’ve ever used them for gainful employment anyway.  I guess it’s true that I first became interested in photography while working on my degree in journalism, so maybe that counts.

My all consuming passion is photography.  That and running a business.   The really nice thing is that when business is off, I still have photography.  In fact, when business is off, I have more time for photography, so there is a bit of a conflict there.  Be broke, shoot more; make money, shoot less.  It seems backwards.

In the category of other activities, I’m into skiing (in a big way), biking, and kayaking.  All these activities are not exclusive of photography, as I rarely do any of them without a camera.

John, Carol, Emma by Jenna copy

Here’s a link to a YouTube video about me that ran on the weather channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDCItNMivgs
(filmed by famed videographer Scott Rensberger!)